Welcome and thank you for coming!

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Welcome to my world!

What you will find here is the story of my own personal journey with passion and purpose.

And an invitation to come along…for the journey is never alone.

Across the miles and through the years I have proclaimed my uniqueness and made it my purpose to be true to myself and help many others along the way come to the place of knowing that they too are unique and must claim their own right to live as the unique being that each of us have been called upon to experience.

What you will find here is my story, my path, my journey and the insights that I share with you. You will hear my voice, find your own and know that you have a partner who really cares about you, your journey, your path and your experience.

SISTAHood is important. Community is the name of the game. Whether female or male you will find that you are safe to come along, to join in, to be open, receptive and expressive, to be listened to, and to be heard.

Creative Expression is the vision. We all have our own YOUnique message and as messengers we have to sing our YoUnique song – the world is waiting.

Wait no more, let’s begin!

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Phoenix Queen

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I am no longer the active Feng Shui Queen, from my days of helping so many bring beauty, balance, harmony and healing into the homes and offices of front range Coloradoans, yet the practice of Feng Shui is alive and well in my own living environment.
Living in the state of elderhood, poverty, and the terms and conditions of medicaid I can no longer earn income beyond my poverty qualifying parameters.

That does not mean I can’t open my mouth through this medium. I will begin to post my expertise here once again soon. No comments or questions as spam has shut down that option.

Please come back, check in to read the latest as I begin again as PHOENIX QUEEN


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Seems every place I turn I hear more about this ME TOO situation.

WELL, ME TOO – from early childhood with incest in my family – the truth about the abuse to children, girls, even boys, the mistreatment was and still is EVERYWHERE. It was certainly true in my world as a child.

And again and again from incest to sexual harassment in my workplace experiences. I saw it, felt it, we even talked about it – as the norm. BUT what could we do about it. Leave one job, ask for a transfer from one supervisor to another – only to be treated the same way AGAIN. When my husband who also worked for the same company was transferred, they fired me to keep from having to pay for and find a job for me too.

I finally RAN: quit corporate america and started my own business – and chose to work with only women. At first, as a DESIGNER I worked with couples, and saw how the power play of who holds the purse strings played out, who was the decision maker; The two roles were not always from the same person. It didn’t take long before I saw my only way out was to choose to work with women, peers in the professional world of entrepreneurship.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH! But what is the answer – we see these role models on TV, at the movies, and still very evident within the family structure and still at work, even at the church level. SEX sells – our morality, culture and every product known to MAN…

To be able to bring the subject and the consequences to the front line – is a start! It’s about time!


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What does it mean to have and live a DESIGNER LIFE?

I was YOUnique from the very beginning.

As a child I was blessed with a mother who was very creative, in our home, with homemade everything. By the time I entered elementary we lived in a house that was constantly under construction in Houston’s northside. It was living with this modeling that I began to build my first doll houses and helped Mom design my YOUnique clothing – nothing I would ever see anyone else wear. HOMEMADE was clothing for 3 girls, to the furnishings from ideas inspired by Home and Garden, and House Beautiful, and from her own imagination on a beer pocketbook, but with champagne taste OF COURSE. HOMEMADE in the kitchen was Daddy’s game.

By my early twenties I would have the opportunity to decorate our first apartments and later our first homes and then to partner in the design of our first custom built home. I was also known as Dr. Mom, with friends and neighbors asking for help with life – problems and perspectives they wanted advice about, or at least to be heard.

In my early married years I would go on to find work in ‘MADMEN’ type environments – the paycheck was more important than my inner hearts desire to live my own creativity. Oh, there were always craft projects – of every kind, interior design, space planning, Christmas wreaths, floral arrangements, custom curtains, Camp Fire Girls art projects with my daughters troop.

For the most part my DESIGNER artistic talents were put on the back burner, until my early thirties when I would experience major changes in life, partners, moves and subsequent design of another new custom built home, in a new small town, certainly a new living environment of the most extreme life changing.

My Designer life included an inner knowing of aesthetics, architecture, and structure. With roots of Mom’s ‘Because I Said So’ dominance of do as your told rules, the journey became the 200 ft ahead mentality, one foot forward step-by-step, mapless, no vision, no goals, my 365 day life. Oh, I had an inner strength of ‘my way’ but deep down beliefs more often than not took over. I just didn’t KNOW the deep down divinely designed awareness from within: YET!

Inspiring – Movie of the day

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My day today began with reading – a book I didn’t even realize I had.

With the many moves and the limited space of living in poverty and cheap rent – only not so cheap now that I have removed myself from the elder abusive system of elder housing and the rules of section 8 housing that was even more ‘held in bondage,’ a prison system where the only privilege was we had the key to lock out the ‘world’ of mistreatment and living environments – not the street gangs or living under a bridge or in a car but certainly – no way to live – these best years – according to who???

Today, after reading a book about Divination – a tool to open up our consciousness to the miracles of universal spiritual powers beyond anything we could imagine as possible.

Today, I watched a movie – yes, another one, as my afternoons are usually filled with sitting, the thing my body allows me to do with my time – in high levels of pain – there is little else I can accomplish.

Today, I watched “FREEDOM WRITERS” a great tale of a new teacher, green and unprepared for the world of teens with problems and life circumstances she couldn’t begin to imagine let alone have the skills to deal with. They were her teachers, each and every one of them, with stories, lives and conditions, to live with everyday. She had the skills to allow them to come together, learn from each other, embrace their common ground.

I am thankful for the ability to watch a movie about inner city kids, poor, of every race, creed and color, come together and realize that they are more alike than different.
We’ve all heard that one before… or have you?

I know I have and today, it brings new meaning.
With my own daily life circumstances of being older, not necessarily wiser, living in social security poverty conditions I wouldn’t want to wish upon anyone. Today, I am thankful that I can see, hear, listen, learn, observe and feel a new compassion for all the world of changes that we each are experiencing.

Today, I saw a reflection of how I spent many of years, not as a teacher, but as an example of bringing what I had learned about life into the lives of others, where together we helped each other bring our lives, circumstances and visions of what we wanted in our lives to become a possibility.

Today, my role of writing comes from my skills as a reader. Without the many books and movies that have influenced my life I would not be able to see the greatness in movies such as ‘Freedom Writers’ to be one of the best teachers – I am thankful that my ROKU brings me great inspirational time spent sitting my life, with something to share.

Today, I am grateful for this experience of Hollywood telling us this story, with great actors, students and the perspective of seeing the world with a broader perspective.

Today, I am grateful for the role of journaling, a safe place for me to listen to my heart and share with you.