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I have come to express what, when and how I made it through the life journey of a365daylife, one day at a time… literally and figuratively with JUST BREATHE as my mantra, meaning and habits of my life journey… WHAT HAPPENED TO ME I would not wish upon anyone.

It is hard to realize that I created the circumstances, hardships, triumphs, tribulations of each and every day.

Since the “I LOST IT ALL of 2004” in the aftermath of America’s 911 event, my own waterless Katrina, and so much more… in stories being told in the book I have been writing since the early 2000’s. A true Traveler Sagittarius, my own words, feelings and experiences will be shared, some as essays, some as cliff notes to the chapter and verse from the book.

This year is the beginning of what has come to me to be the purpose of my last 17 years.

I ask nothing but the safe place and opportunity to tell my tale.

Many Blessings have come. Others have yet to be defined, recognized or acknowledged.

January 10, 2018