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Rich in Losses
“The art is not one of forgetting but letting go.
And when everything else is gone, you can be rich in loss.” Rebecca Solnit (O’Magazine, Aug. 2017)

As of late seems every movie I watch is one too many… but with the pain in my knees, sitting, rocking, is what I do best and most. Writing has come from this position.

Inspired by the movie “The Note II” ‘From Painful Experiences’ a time to be cautious and a time to be passionate‘ My time to be passionate – came and went – left me in the dust of rejection.

I’ve seen this and so many other movies – rewatched.

The pain which has settled in my knees, with no cartilage, unable to stand, walk, run, golf, ski, or move forward in life has me stuck Rocking My Life Away… that’s a song isn’t it.

SO, who is SHE?

Allow me to tell you a little about her.

In the beginning, on a December day, in Texas – that’s the south to us Texans – in Houston, on a very cold winter day, I became the third child to a twenty something Mom, and Dad, a soldier away in Germany, with WW II raging.

In the springtime of 1945 I became a child abandoned, as my oldest sister had just died, only some short 6 months after I was born. The grief my parents felt would place me in a crib, unheld and crying for long periods. How do I know this?… I have felt it from my very core, all of my life. My inner child need to be held has been the longing I have searched for in all my relationships.

Born under the Sun of Sagittarius, a traveler and philosopher – I have the world view of healing in all my endeavors. The core of my being is Be True to Yourself – trust my intuition and to thine own self be true.

I am and have been writing for many years with over 50 annual journals and another 50 odd composition notebooks of writings about this life journey… which will become my book(s)… as the following months ahead go by.

Without the proper resources to do anything but sit and write I finally have the time, place and computer resources to get it DONE. All my other work, websites, businesses have gone by the wayside of life transitions, circumstances.

You may have known me as The Feng Shui Queen, Life coach of Building Your Best Life, Designed Living Solutions, and from the very beginning of my DESIGNER LIFE “Something Very Special”… (more on those later)

For the rest of the stories about The Purpose of Journaling, Blessings in Disguise and the forth coming book… Welcome and come back often… as these pages evolve as I continue to live one day at a time.

From the wisdom of “WHAT WANTS TO HAPPEN”… thanks to my dear friend and author, mentor, coach E. Dan Smith III, www.LifeisHeart.com has been a life changing support for many years, with new books upon the horizon.