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Initially, journaling for me was a safe place to hear my own voice. As a child I was constantly, probably just frequently, told to shut up! In a household of four kids I’m sure the noise level was eardrum-busting-decibels. Being able to feel and express from within for I felt alone and rejected.

What I learned as a child that writing how I felt was not safe, with nosey sisters, Mother and Grandmother who found my diaries…I stopped writing…a lifetime of being unheard and silenced.

As a teen I was the outsider in school, an observer, for I had no interest in the teen-talk of the 60’s, usually just meanness I didn’t want any part of. There was enough of that at home.

As a young adult, our phone would ring with friends wanting to talk, to commiserate, to be heard, with someone to listen. I would always listen, express my opinion and ideas with objective perspectives.

I stopped writing it down...

Until much later in life. I found that writing would become a major role in my career path. Through the many years I continued searching for a place to be heard, by being out there in the world, vulnerable, isolated, yet feeling invisible.

Later, I found that my voice and skills would become a tool for success. It was the 1970’s, then in my thirties, I had already designed and built several custom homes. In late 1979 a late bloomer, I officially became an interior designer. My college education would play a role in the birthing my first business: “Something Very Special.” This resulted into a business role of Life Designer, consulting on interiors, environments of aesthetics and healing energies – where inner beauty was reflected in designing home environments: Paid for my opinions and ideas.

Over the next 40 years the biz names would evolve, as I did. I always referred to myself as a DESIGNER, an artist, a creative, an architect of Life Strategies, Living Environments and Life Styles. With the use of words, colors, architectural space planning that changed lives. As I evolved so did my business roles, “Designed Living Solutions”emerged and was followed by becoming known as “The Feng Shui Queen” and Life Strategist coaching through “Building Your Best Life.”

I LOST IT ALL in 2004. In the aftermath of 9-1-1 most of us experienced many life changes.

Now, so many years later, each of my business roles paved the way to this time in my life … displaced by failing health and the shame of living in poverty, once again isolated and unheard. Now, at 73 I have the experiences and the wisdom – with the reflection that I have something to say, opinions and perspectives on living: LIFE as an experience.

So, with over 50 journals and the writings of which will become my books… writing it down has become my way of living in isolation, yet with something to say about my journey.

Come back often as I will be sharing what, when, where and how life ‘HAPPENED TO ME.’