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WELCOME. Thank you for coming.

There are many paths that I have taken, traveled, traversed and transformed.

With over 42 year’s of expertise, I WAS a consultant, trainer, speaker, writer, and solution provider. I WAS a self-made entrepreneur, author and expert in the areas of life transition through lifestyles, designs for living more effectively.

My mission is to share the “why” behind our beliefs and behaviors. When we are aware of our patterns and habits, we can then commit to new actions. We then get the results of our experiences.

Harnessing these new WOWs, together we energize our intentions to live our life passionately and purposefully, living our own creative way, YoUniquely.

Rhonee’s presentations and workshops were an “experience” with insight, inspiration and innovation.” Joan W., Loveland, CO

I was interviewed for a feature success story in “Celebrate Aging” in “Prime Time For Seniors”, a Louisville, Colorado newspaper some years back. Prime Time’s community liaison Anne Sample wrote:

“Yesterday is but today’s memory, Tomorrow is Today’s Dream.” Kahlil Gibran…
“….From the ashes a new and young Phoenix arose. The myth of the phoenix states that the firebird was able to regenerate itself when it was hurt or wounded, giving it the characteristic of being almost immortal and invincible. And the Phoenix’s tears were said to heal wounds… Then the rebuilding begins. It takes courage, determination and a belief in oneself. One of the most courageous and inspirational people that I have met is a lady named…Rhonee.”

…”Building Your Best Life” was my new presentation of life strategies coaching incorporating the gift of getting to know you, learning who you are and what you want. With Designer and artistic talents, guiding you to reach deep inside to find the real and authentic YOU. Coaching that evolved into life strategies for life styles and life spaces. I worked with people to help them find their own ‘voice’, ‘their own creative expression’. As a coach, teaching a class titled “Building Your Best Life.”

…and she is writing her first book with a working title of “Creating Your Life Intentionally”

Yes, I am aging, not so gracefully.

There’s lots going on – of course these writings reveal how my journey may influence your own experiences into new life visions and the changes you experience within your life journey.

I’ll share how I dug deeper, reached for the roots, to the core of what really matters most… YOUniqueness!

My life VISION was/is to share by BEING a living example of creative expression. My objective is to provide an experiential journey for the discovery and experience of your own unique life passion, to know and to experience the creation of your lifestyle expression and to reveal your creative expression in a nurturing and healing living sanctuary.

My life purpose is to live by example, to share from my heart, to facilitate the empowering wisdom of my own creative and personal spiritual journey.

My life mission is to demonstrate great wisdom by BEING A Life Strategist, a lifestyle design consultant, by writing and speaking and by facilitating change.

My mission is to share much wisdom, to provide and present the tools required for a safe and joyful journey that leads you into your own creative expression, passion and purpose.

Together, we get the job done.

You have arrived at a very welcoming opportunity to just be YOU – to be authentic and purposeful in all that you aspire. You have found your way to me – a YOUnique life strategist, a partner for success. From one who has traveled the way of trial and error, test and re-test, figured it out, modeled and mentored – and now in my prime as a Crone… yet young at heart, I am here to share new blossoms of this gardening adventure.

The seeds in our garden, though YOUnique, are what we have come to experience.

What is in your garden? It is a beautiful bountiful explosion of fragrant blossoms, abundant growth and plentiful treasures.

My prior role as an interior designer, a bold and adventuress who always colored outside the lines, made choices and decisions that felt good, felt right for me, both with and for my clients. I am not a follower and will not encourage you to be one – anything but, YOUnique independent and the leader of our journey. In a gentle non-intrusive way I stand strong, stable and sensible in all my actions, responses and responsibilities and will encourage you to follow your heart as well.

My life journey has paved the way for me to be able to listen, to share, to encourage, to inspire and to hold your vision with and for you. The vision discovery processes are the seeds planted which will reveal how the roots of your own garden to grow.

Singing the song I came to sing!
So, let’s start now!
Phoenix Queen
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