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Seems every place I turn I hear more about this ME TOO situation.

WELL, ME TOO – from early childhood with incest in my family – the truth about the abuse to children, girls, even boys, the mistreatment was and still is EVERYWHERE. It was certainly true in my world as a child.

And again and again from incest to sexual harassment in my workplace experiences. I saw it, felt it, we even talked about it – as the norm. BUT what could we do about it. Leave one job, ask for a transfer from one supervisor to another – only to be treated the same way AGAIN. When my husband who also worked for the same company was transferred, they fired me to keep from having to pay for and find a job for me too.

I finally RAN: quit corporate america and started my own business – and chose to work with only women. At first, as a DESIGNER I worked with couples, and saw how the power play of who holds the purse strings played out, who was the decision maker; The two roles were not always from the same person. It didn’t take long before I saw my only way out was to choose to work with women, peers in the professional world of entrepreneurship.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH! But what is the answer – we see these role models on TV, at the movies, and still very evident within the family structure and still at work, even at the church level. SEX sells – our morality, culture and every product known to MAN…

To be able to bring the subject and the consequences to the front line – is a start! It’s about time!

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