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What does it mean to have and live a DESIGNER LIFE?

I was YOUnique from the very beginning.

As a child I was blessed with a mother who was very creative, in our home, with homemade everything. By the time I entered elementary we lived in a house that was constantly under construction in Houston’s northside. It was living with this modeling that I began to build my first doll houses and helped Mom design my YOUnique clothing – nothing I would ever see anyone else wear. HOMEMADE was clothing for 3 girls, to the furnishings from ideas inspired by Home and Garden, and House Beautiful, and from her own imagination on a beer pocketbook, but with champagne taste OF COURSE. HOMEMADE in the kitchen was Daddy’s game.

By my early twenties I would have the opportunity to decorate our first apartments and later our first homes and then to partner in the design of our first custom built home. I was also known as Dr. Mom, with friends and neighbors asking for help with life – problems and perspectives they wanted advice about, or at least to be heard.

In my early married years I would go on to find work in ‘MADMEN’ type environments – the paycheck was more important than my inner hearts desire to live my own creativity. Oh, there were always craft projects – of every kind, interior design, space planning, Christmas wreaths, floral arrangements, custom curtains, Camp Fire Girls art projects with my daughters troop.

For the most part my DESIGNER artistic talents were put on the back burner, until my early thirties when I would experience major changes in life, partners, moves and subsequent design of another new custom built home, in a new small town, certainly a new living environment of the most extreme life changing.

My Designer life included an inner knowing of aesthetics, architecture, and structure. With roots of Mom’s ‘Because I Said So’ dominance of do as your told rules, the journey became the 200 ft ahead mentality, one foot forward step-by-step, mapless, no vision, no goals, my 365 day life. Oh, I had an inner strength of ‘my way’ but deep down beliefs more often than not took over. I just didn’t KNOW the deep down divinely designed awareness from within: YET!

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