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My day today began with reading – a book I didn’t even realize I had.

With the many moves and the limited space of living in poverty and cheap rent – only not so cheap now that I have removed myself from the elder abusive system of elder housing and the rules of section 8 housing that was even more ‘held in bondage,’ a prison system where the only privilege was we had the key to lock out the ‘world’ of mistreatment and living environments – not the street gangs or living under a bridge or in a car but certainly – no way to live – these best years – according to who???

Today, after reading a book about Divination – a tool to open up our consciousness to the miracles of universal spiritual powers beyond anything we could imagine as possible.

Today, I watched a movie – yes, another one, as my afternoons are usually filled with sitting, the thing my body allows me to do with my time – in high levels of pain – there is little else I can accomplish.

Today, I watched “FREEDOM WRITERS” a great tale of a new teacher, green and unprepared for the world of teens with problems and life circumstances she couldn’t begin to imagine let alone have the skills to deal with. They were her teachers, each and every one of them, with stories, lives and conditions, to live with everyday. She had the skills to allow them to come together, learn from each other, embrace their common ground.

I am thankful for the ability to watch a movie about inner city kids, poor, of every race, creed and color, come together and realize that they are more alike than different.
We’ve all heard that one before… or have you?

I know I have and today, it brings new meaning.
With my own daily life circumstances of being older, not necessarily wiser, living in social security poverty conditions I wouldn’t want to wish upon anyone. Today, I am thankful that I can see, hear, listen, learn, observe and feel a new compassion for all the world of changes that we each are experiencing.

Today, I saw a reflection of how I spent many of years, not as a teacher, but as an example of bringing what I had learned about life into the lives of others, where together we helped each other bring our lives, circumstances and visions of what we wanted in our lives to become a possibility.

Today, my role of writing comes from my skills as a reader. Without the many books and movies that have influenced my life I would not be able to see the greatness in movies such as ‘Freedom Writers’ to be one of the best teachers – I am thankful that my ROKU brings me great inspirational time spent sitting my life, with something to share.

Today, I am grateful for this experience of Hollywood telling us this story, with great actors, students and the perspective of seeing the world with a broader perspective.

Today, I am grateful for the role of journaling, a safe place for me to listen to my heart and share with you.

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